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xs James in Lindenwood

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
June 3, 4 & 5
9 am to 3 pm
Entry #’s 8 am Friday

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French 19th C. Period to 20th C. Furniture incl: Louis XVI Mahogany Chest, Marquetry and Parquetry Tables, Chests and Cabinets, Large 20th C Louis XV Style China Cabinet, Small Two Drawer Burlwood Bombe Marquetry Commode, English Parquetry Tilt Top Table, Pair French 19th C. Five Light Bronze Candelabra; Porcelain, Crystal, China & Glass: Herend, Moser, Bar and Stemware by Waterford, Hawkes, 12 Light Chandelier, Davenport, Wedgwood Silver: Tiffany, Shreves, Dominick & Haff, Gorham Hollowware and Flatware; Bronzes: Jerry Joslin, Herb Mignery, DiRanieri, Sherry Sander; Restrikes 5’ Ceragieli Five Light Figure Remington and Moreau Paintings and Art: Theodore Lukits, 18th C. Portrait, Rugs: Khorosan, Kerman, Meshed, Afshar, Yalemeh, Heriz and many Fur Rugs and Fur Lap Robes Small Decorative Arts: Collection of Inkwells, Postal Scales, 18th C. Nurenburg Weights, all kinds of Boxes, misc. Decoration Clocks: American Wall Clock with Painted Scenes, French Gilt Mantle Clock, Two Contemporary Cartier Clocks Asian Decoration and Furniture: Chinese Hardwood Stands, Chinese Arm Chair, Chinese Scrolls, Coromandel Screens, Ancient Thai or Cambodian Bust, Large Jade Carving, Serpentine Figures and Bowl, Ivory Carvings, Inro, Porcelain and Misc. Decoration Brass and Copper:, Peau de Soie Drapery, Furs Etc…..

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