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What to expect at our sales

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Arrive early!

On the first day of a sale, many avid collectors and antique dealers arrive well before opening time to secure their place in line.

A local custom in the Bay Area is to have a signup list posted outside the house door overnight. We do not provide this for you. When you arrive at the sale, you put your name on the list to hold your place in line. After you sign in, you should plan to remain in the immediate area of the sale; if you leave, you will lose your place in the line.

Our normal procedure (check each sale's announcement for exceptions) is to hand out numbered tickets to people on the signup list an hour before the sale opens; usually this is at 8:00AM. Your number is your ticket to enter the sale when it starts, usually at 9:00AM. Once you have your number, you are free to leave for a break; just be sure to return before the sale opens. If you arrive more than an hour or two after the sale begins, the line will have subsided and you probably won't need a number to enter.

Be courteous

Most estate and moving sales are held in homes located in residential areas. Please respect the neighbors' property and privacy. Park only in legal spots, avoid trespassing and keep noise to a minimum, especially at night and in the early morning hours.

Shop 'til you drop

As you select items for purchase, a staff member will write your items up and label them sold. If you have questions about an item, our knowledgeable staff will do our best to answer them. Please realize that all items are sold "as is" and all sales are final.

Prices as marked are firm until the last day of the sale. You may place a bid on an item; if you are the winning bidder at the end of the sale we will contact you.


Cash, local checks with ID, Visa and MasterCard are all cheerfully accepted.