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Hillsborough 7/17

Collector's Home with fabulous Furniture!

1881 Carmelita Dr., San Carlos, CA 94070 (cs. San Carlos Ave. to Cordilleras Ave)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday August 13-15, 2010

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10AM to 4PM, entry numbers 9AM Friday...

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Contents of Collectors’ Home featuring Furniture: Carved Upholstered Seating Furniture (circa 1880-1900), Marquetry Desk, Tufted Leather Wing Back Chairs and Ottoman, Italianate and Painted Michael Taylor Side Table, English Parquetry Tilt Top Candle Stand, Large Carved Drum Table, 2 Piece Architectural Fruitwood Bookcase, Aesthetic Movement Display Case, Rosewood Chinese Style Dining Set, 6 Queen Ann Dining Chairs, Eng. Tilt Top Breakfast/Center Table, 19th C. Glazed Door China Cabinet, Inlaid Carlton Desk, English Arts & Crafts Vanity, Continental Figured Walnut Oversized 6 Leg Rocker, lots of extra Seating, Upholstered Furniture, side tables and bookcases Decorative Arts: Important Meiji Bronze & Champlevé Table Lamp, Pair of Italian Baroque Carved & Parcel Gilt Prickets, Pair Gilt Wood 18th C. Wall Sconces, Large and Important Meiji Embroidered Four Panel Screen, Two 18th C. Framed Leather Reliefs, 18th C. Embossed Leather Fire Screen, Parcel Gilt & Bird’s Eye Maple Over Mantel, Bronze & Crystal Marie Therese Chandelier, Chinoiserie Hanging Shelf, assorted Bronze, Copper, Crystal and Porcelain Table Top, Herend Cachepots, Large BFR Herend Vase, VBO Jardinière, Sterling Flatware, Sterling Hollowware, Sterling Serving Pieces, Deruta, George Jones “Rhapsody” Fine Jewelry: Diamond Rings, Colored Stone Rings, Earrings, Gold and Diamond Bracelet, Gold Watches, Patek Philippe 18K Gold Watch with Original Band, Buckle & Certificate Fine Art: 19th C. W.T. v. Starkenborgh, Douglas Morgan Oils, Brian Blood Oil, F.A. Rottanara, signed Ashcan School Portrait of a Boy Collectibles: Pre Margaret Meade Oceana Collection of Spears, Samoan Model Outrigger, Collection of Walking Sticks, Canes and Swords, Military & WWII Collectibles, Advertising Memorabilia, Scientific Instruments, Scales, Woodworking Tools, Nikon Equipment, Shell Oil Advertising Lamp Books: Collectible Children’s’ Books, Classic Victorian leather Bound Books, WWII Service Books, Large Collection of Cookbooks including Apron Signed by both Paul and Julia Child Rugs: Ghasguy, Hamadans, Turkish, Sumac, Ardebil, Heriz, Kashan and 19th C. Turkoman Kitchen: Copper, Blue & Wht. Dinner Svc., Cabbage Leaf Dinnerware, Le Creuset Cookware, Lots of Kitchen Wares Patio: Teak Deck Lounges, Wrought Iron Furniture, Abundant Assortment of Large Potted Plants and Trees, Garden Tools, Collection of Radio Flyer Wagons…………… and so much more.

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